Chinese Contemporary Jewelry Design

Chinese Contemporary Jewelry Design

Bifei Cao

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This in-depth look at the forces shaping contemporary jewelry in China includes works by 62 contemporary Chinese jewelry artists, presenting the arresting variety and energy that China offers the field. Cao, an internationally renowned artist residing both in the US and China, puts the work in context for the Western jewelry world by offering background, and exploring the contributions by acclaimed forces in jewelry design—including Norman Cherry, Anja Eichler, Mary Lee Hu, and Shannon Xin. Cao explains jewelry design’s history and development in China during the periods from 1990 through 2020, including phases of Early Exploration (1990–1999), New Voice (2000–2007), Adaption and Communication (2008–2012), and Great Flux (2013–2020). With more than 350 photos of important works, learn how the contemporary artists of China are offering the world one-of-a-kind design styles as they absorb, shape, and reflect the inheritance and innovation of Chinese tradition.