Chinese Brush Painting through the Seasons

Chinese Brush Painting through the Seasons

Sun Chenggang

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 Be inspired by the beautiful work of Cheng Yan and create your own brush paintings for each season. A year of beautiful Chinese brush painting awaits you in this stunning book.

Cheng Yan captures all the freshness and spontaneity of Chinese brush painting in this beautiful, inspiring guide. Using step-by-step photographs and his own evocative pictures, he teaches all the techniques needed to paint animals, birds, fish and insects. Learn how to create atmosphere in landscapes and transform flowers and plants into wonderful works of art. Yan guides the artist through all the traditional techniques, illustrating how to master composition, inks, paints and traditional brushstrokes. Detail is as important as a spontaneous style; leaves, stems bamboo, feathers, scales and blossom are clearly depicted and Yan also explores texture, blending colors to define shapes and outlines.

This invaluable guide, re-issued in a new edition, captures the essence of Chinese painting, bringing together the fun of learning, the joy of creativity and the delight of discovery.