Beginner's Guide to Knitting, The: Easy techniques and 8 fun projects

Beginner's Guide to Knitting, The: Easy techniques and 8 fun projects

Lynne Rowe

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Unlock the Art of Knitting: Expert Guidance, Easy Projects, and Essential Tips to Begin Your Knitting Journey with Confidence!

Renowned knitting expert Lynne Rowe will be your trusted mentor, walking you through every step of the way. With Lynne's expert guidance, you'll effortlessly learn how to hold your needles, select the perfect yarn, decipher knitting patterns, execute various stitches, employ seamless sewing techniques, and conquer your very first knitting projects.

Lynne’s friendly approach, easy-to-follow advice and clear tutorials will ease you into the welcoming world of knitting. By taking small steps and familiarizing yourself with the knitting terminology and techniques, you'll swiftly grasp the basics and become a confident knitter in no time at all.

There are 
8 bright and contemporary projects, each clearly set out with easy-to-follow patterns. Choose from:

  • Tranquility spa set
  • Cozy scarf
  • Hygge headbands
  • Color block cushion
  • Baby blanket
  • Bunting
  • Ribbed beanie hat
  • Fingerless mittens

What makes this book truly exceptional is that each project progressively builds upon your knitting skills, so you’ll soon be creating your own knitted wearable accessories and home décor items with all things bright and woolly!

Whether you aspire to knit heartfelt gifts for loved ones, express your creativity through handmade fashion, or simply find solace in the rhythmic motions of knitting, this book has everything you need to get started.