An Introduction Needle Felting

An Introduction Needle Felting

Linda Calver

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The introduction to the book will cover a brief history of felting and felting/wool terms. It will also list what items you need to purchase to make yourself a starter Needle felting kit and then for each chapter subject, the wool and anything else you will need to complete that project. There will also be a suppliers list from which you can purchase anything you will need.

There will then follow 6 subject chapters, a 7th chapter introducing wet felting and Needle felting combined, chapter 8 will be some seasonal creations with chapter 9 showing you how all these things can be made into gifts for your family and friends or simply something lovely to keep for yourself. Each subject will be fully supported with both diagrams and photographs of how to achieve each item with suggestions and tips along the way.

The subjects covered start from basic simple shapes and how to build on these shapes and will advance in difficulty as you go through the book but everything covered is suitable for a complete novice or someone who wants to try some different ideas.