Adventures in Needlework (T)

Adventures in Needlework (T)

Jessica Aldred

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Embroidery for today's styles. If the word…needlework- makes you think of grannies, great aunts and overly precious samplers, then prepare to be proven wrong with this book of bright and funky designs that show how stitching has become seriously stylish. Adventures in Needlework brings embroidery up-to-date using traditional techniques alongside bold colors, graphics, and striking contemporary ideas.

From cute cushions to gangster bling, these unique projects bridge the gap between craft and interior design, embracing the revival of “homemade" things as something to be proud of. Four main techniques of canvas work, applique’, silk shading and goldwork are covered, with three projects progressing in difficulty for each. All the tools, materials and stitching techniques needed are carefully explained, along with general instructions for making up cushions, bags and framing canvases. Complete beginners will be able to get started right away, while more experienced stitchers will be inspired and challenged.