Acrylics in Action!

Acrylics in Action!

Sylvia Homberg

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Your guide to painting with acrylics

Acrylic paints are versatile, water-based paints popular with professionals and beginners alike. You can learn to acrylic paint with this playful, exploratory guide to new techniques and ideas for working with stretched canvas. The 24 projects demonstrate the possibilities of acrylic paints and encourage experimenting to achieve various effects. Start with all the basics about acrylic painting, from paints and materials. Then, dive into techniques like layering, weathering, pouring, dripping, filling, spreading, resist, soap bubbles, shaving foam, wet-on-wet, and more. Create a stunning watercolor effect and combine color and movement in the best way!

  • Get all the basics on acrylic painting, from paints and materials to foundational techniques

  • Each project features a different technique for acrylic painting

  • Explore modern motifs and abstract image ideas