A Knitters Guide to Gloves

A Knitters Guide to Gloves

Anghadrad Thomas

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A Knitter's Guide to Gloves introduces several construction techniques, alongside the possible materials and tools that are suitable for knitting the gloves you want. A chapter on design guides you through adapting and customising your glove knitting before outlining how to go about designing from personal inspiration. The book also traces the history of knitted gloves and is lavishly illustrated with examples from museum collections, some of which are rare or even unique. Patterned gloves from Yorkshire and Scotland are described, alongside the stories of examples that have survived into the twenty-first century. Selected gloves from Estonia are discussed, as well as some from UK collections including the Glovers Collection Trust and the Knitting and Crochet Guild. Includes step-by-step photos guide those new to knitting gloves through the key points of glove construction and making your first pair. Five further glove patterns then give a choice of styles to knit, from a plain pair through to colourworked gloves of varied complexity.