A Beginners Guide to Quilting  **Release 8/8/23

A Beginners Guide to Quilting **Release 8/8/23

Michael Caputo

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A complete quilting course for beginners, in 12 easy stages.

A Beginner's Guide to Quilting is the perfect introduction to this popular craft. Beginning with the "Getting Started" section, quilting teacher Michael Caputo will show the tools and equipment, and demonstrate the sewing skills you will need, plus the basics of constructing your quilt. Section two is a series of 12 workshops, each introducing you to new skills, with a project at the end which enables you to practice what you have learned. You'll learn about joining pre-cut squares, sashing, piecing and paper piecing, using templates, and the different types of appliqué. All through the workshops there are helpful hints on choosing colors and patterns, and there are illustrations of variations on the basic blocks to show how those choices will affect the end result. With step-by-step text and clear illustrations, you'll soon be making a table runner and pillow covers, before moving on to wall hangings, a crib quilt, and an afghan. The final project is a full-size bed quilt with elaborate stitching to really show off all your new skills.