100 Whimsical Appliqué Designs

100 Whimsical Appliqué Designs

Becky Goldsmith

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Endless play with 100 Piece O' Cake appliqué designs.

Stitch your way through 100 whimsical appliqué designs from Piece O' Cake Designs to make fun and charming quilts, table runners, and other sewing projects for the home. This collection captures the whimsy and imagination fans of Piece O' Cake designs have come to love. Mix and match playful houses, flower bouquets, charming animals, and more cozy motifs! Use your favorite quilting methods to make these appliqué blocks in wool, cotton, or a mix of both ― the patterns are versatile for endless play! With Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins' combined mastery of the craft, you'll find helpful tips and tricks.

Mix and match 100 whimsical appliqué designs to make quilts, table runners, and other sewing projects.

Piece O' Cake designers Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins show you how to easily use the appliqué patterns and provide a sizing table so you can create blocks in the size of your choice.

Explore border sewing options and pattern grouping suggestions for endless project possibilities