100 Little Knitted Projects (T)

100 Little Knitted Projects (T)

Sarah Keen

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Go from leftover yarn to 100 Little Knitted Projects. It’s everywhere—balled-up remnants of yarn from the sweater you knitted, random scraps left languishing in a cupboard. Now you can recycle these yarn leftovers into 100 fun, fabulous, and frivolous projects to choose from in 100 Little Knitted Projects.

Great as gifts and stocking stuffers! These precious little masterpieces appeal to knitters of all ages and abilities…and, when given as gifts, are sure to delight both children and adults. They make adorable party favors, table decorations, and Christmas tree ornaments. Turn them into fun brooches, key chains, or even string them together and make a sweet bunting to decorate the nursery—the possibilities are endless.

This darling new knitting guide features:

  • 100 whimsical knitting projects—from mini animals to sports, birthdays to nature—you can whip up in an instant
  • Step-by-step instructions with 20 illustrations and 280 color photographs to lead the way and ignite your creative spark

Easy to make…easy to love! Unravel your yarn remnants and start knitting up these lovable knick-knacks with 100 Little Knitted Projects. They’re 100 pocket-sized rays of sunshine!