1,000 Cranes The Deluxe Origami Set

1,000 Cranes The Deluxe Origami Set

Duy Nguyen

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Folding a crane takes time, patience, and understanding, the same qualities vital to a lasting and successful marriage. For the Bride and Groom-to-be, this elegant kit provides all materials needed to construct and string together 1,000 origami cranes for their wedding ceremony.

Bring elegance, tradition, and good fortune to your wedding day with 1,000 Cranes—the ultimate origami kit. According to Japanese tradition, a beautifully hand-folded paper crane (orizuru) represents the promise of a long and happy marriage. This kit will help you turn this ancient tradition into chic wedding décor: Imagine a senbazuru—1,000 delicate origami cranes held together by strings—hanging at your wedding ceremony as a symbol of your enduring commitment to your partner. From crafty bachelorette night activities to elegant orizuru-themed décor, we’ll show you how to incorporate any number of orizuru—from one to 1,000 or more—into your wedding festivities. Everything you need is included in this kit: 1,000 sheets of Kami-style 6-inch by 6-inch folding paper, plus 10 extras for do-overs Step-by-step instructions from the most basic of origami folds through various crane patterns Pre-designed, reproducible instructions and origami patterns A small folding bone for folding, creasing, and scoring paper Instructions on how to string senbazuru Get inspired, get creative, and get folding!