You-Build-It Robo Bug (Smart Lab) (Kit)

You-Build-It Robo Bug (Smart Lab) (Kit)

Smart Lab

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Tap into your inner engineer with this awesome, build-it-yourself robot bug! Kids will find everything they need to assemble a real walking insect in the box. Once the crawlie is assembled, insert the motorized gearbox and attach the glow-in-the-dark wings to see Robo Bug come to life!

Attach the included traction pads and take the adventure outside. Robo Bug can scurry and climb over rocks, sand, and up and down hills. Like all Smart Lab kits, Robo Bug comes with a booklet of real life bug facts by our entomologist (bug expert), David George Gordon.

Gordon shows that, despite their size, bugs really do rule the world. The booklet also includes tons of experiments for you and your robotic bug buddy to try out. Great for kids ages eight and up!