Ultimate Vortex Generator (Smart Lab) (Kit)

Ultimate Vortex Generator (Smart Lab) (Kit)

Smart Lab

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Whip up cool chemistry experiments using a spinning vortex magnetic mixing machine—just like real scientists! This standalone chemistry lab includes a motorized magnetic vortex mixer, custom magnetic stir disc, 2 sizes of beakers, expanding jelly balls, a table tennis ball, and an illustrated lab guide with 20 unique experiments. Turn the dial to control the vortex action—from making a tiny whirlpool to creating a tremendous whirling tornado!
Watch solutions foam and change color as chemical reactions collide with the dynamic forces of moving fluids. See what happens when you place a ping pong ball in the tiny vortex or disrupt the swirling liquid with the end of a spoon. The Ultimate Secret Formula Lab Magnetic Vortex Machine is a standalone toy, but it also integrates directly into the structure and play activities of the original Ultimate Secret Formula Lab Experimentation Station for even more mixing and concocting madness.