The Knitter's Year

The Knitter's Year

Debbie Bliss

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This book is the avid knitter’s dream. What better way to mark the weeks that have passed, and those that lie ahead, than with 52 original hand-knit projects, specially chosen for each season of the year? Unique garments and accessories are yours to be had—or given away—each of them charming, useful, and simple enough to make in one week or less. The result is a tangible material calendar that allows you to measure your year’s knitting successes in a glance.

World-renowned knitwear designer Debbie Bliss provides a delightful assortment of projects that range in scale from the sizeable to the small: a cozy, chunky scarf takes a few balls of yarn, while more modest napkin rings can be made using remnants. But Debbie doesn’t just have your time and budget in mind—you’re also bound to find something to suit the season and your mood, including spring cushions, flower pot covers, and a baby cardigan; summer sachets and bags; fall gloves and socks; and winter scarves and holiday ornaments.

With her trademark good taste and flair for providing step-by-step instructions any knitter—beginner or experienced—can follow, Debbie Bliss has given us yet another fantastic source for attractive, practical hand-knits that are a joy to create and a pleasure to wear and use. And, the knowledge that next week holds the promise of a whole new project (a.k.a. a “new knitting adventure”) can certainly make your “knitter’s year” a very good year indeed.