Stinky Science Lab (Smart Lab) (Kit)

Stinky Science Lab (Smart Lab) (Kit)

Smart Lab

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Experiments that make you think before you stink! This toy lets young scientists create, capture, emit, and identify different scents. Features the whimsical Smell-U-Lator, a pump-activated stink machine and an illustrated book with 20 odorous experiments. Kids engage in scented experiments such as stink balloons, Eau de Feet cologne, smelly slime, and pretty potpourri. They whip up smelly concoctions and invite their parents and friends to test their sniffers! The kit allows for open-ended experimentation as well as targeted investigations.
But the fun doesn’t stop with making and identifying original smells. The book gives readers the dirty lowdown on all things smelly and stinky. Sniff out the facts about smell and memory, and discover what makes farts stink. This toy is sure to become a favorite because it invites repeat play, trial-and-error learning, and collaborative play. Plus, it’s just plain fun to gross people out!