Spy School - Sneaky Surveillance (Smart Lab) (Kit)

Spy School - Sneaky Surveillance (Smart Lab) (Kit)

Smart Lab

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Kids are naturally curious, which means every kid, at heart, is a spy. Spies are cool. They secretly watch and listen. They take notes. They notice and know things that others do not. They wear disguises and use spy gadgets. They send and receive secret coded messages. They have code names. Sometimes, they even have meetings with other spies!

But how does one get to be a spy? SmartLab Toys Spy School: Sneaky Surveillance! immerses kids in a fun, imaginary spy training program right in their own bedroom. This science kit gives wannabe spies the tools and tips they need to be a master spy. The decoy "Tournament Checkers" box contains spy tools, including a periscope (disguised as a pencil box), a microphone (disguised as a yo-yo), rear-view spy glasses, collapsible spy binoculars, a magnifying loupe, signal mirrors, a masked viewing prop (holes in the back of the book to spy through) and a hilarious in-world book with spy missions and challenges to test your spy skills.

Spy School: Sneaky Surveillance! lets young spies learn the tricks of the trade through activities and practice challenges. They peer over barriers and around corners with an adjustable periscope. They listen in on other spies with the microphone. They see long distances through collapsible spy binoculars. They observe suspected agents with rearview sunglasses. They even learn about codes, maps, and real spies like Paul Revere. This kit gives parents and children, or two children, endless hours of interaction and enjoyment, while strengthening reading and writing skills.

This title is the first in a proposed series of three including: surveillance, secret messages, room security.