Paper Creations Traditional Japanese Origami (kit)

Paper Creations Traditional Japanese Origami (kit)

Nick Robinson

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The perfect beginner's kit for the art of origami. This cute package contains everything needed to get started in the popular craft of paper folding, including 120 sheets of plain and patterned origami papers in a tear-out pad and a removable 64-page guide to making over 20 imaginative origami creations. The core origami techniques, from the most basic mountain and valley creases to more complex folds, are explained clearly with step-by-step illustrations. With this new kit, beginners of all ages will get a head start on this engaging handcraft.

Fun to give or receive, this pretty pack contains everything you need to get started in this versatile and popular craft.  A selection of decorative papers are beautifully presented together with a step-by-step guide to making more than 20 exciting origami creations.  

Key techniques are clearly explained, from basic mountain-valley crease to more complex folding sequences.  Each project includes easy-to-follow diagrams and fold-by-fold instructions, and features a detailed photograph of the completed design.  Includes 120 sheets of patterned and plain origami paper in a handy integrated pad.