Draw 62 Magical Creatures and Make Them Cute

Draw 62 Magical Creatures and Make Them Cute

Heegyum Kim

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Build your drawing and character design skills while following the step-by-step instructions ofDraw 62 Magical Creatures and Make Them Cute

Beloved illustrator and Instagrammer Heegyum Kim takes you on a magical journey to expand your character-building skills as she shows you how to draw each creature, from simple shapes to identifying marks, and then shares several other options for varying your design. You might change the view, the character's posture, their features, or their expression. Grab your pen and use the open spaces throughout the book to create your own fantastic variations of each one.

Whether it's a gremlin, a gargoyle, a hobgoblin, or unicorn—you will be inspired by the fascinating characters of this collection. Fresh, modern, and unexpected, you won't find a more enjoyable way to practice your illustration and expand your imagination