Archi-TECH Electronic Smart House (Smart Lab) (Kit)

Archi-TECH Electronic Smart House (Smart Lab) (Kit)

Smart Lab

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Arm your house with sensors and a burglar alarm! Make an escape through an electronic trapdoor! Wire up an elevator, electronic drawbridge, and house-to-house tramway! This cool construction kit lets you design houses with lights, sensors, sounds, and moving parts. With a combination of construction pieces and electronic circuitry components, Archi-TECH Electronic Smart House teaches creative engineering and technology in a whole new way.
With over 70 building components, this kit allows aspiring architects and engineers to design and build single and multi-story structures, including container homes and tiny houses. But building the structure is just the beginning. Plug-in power posts and electronic components let you “wire up” your creations with lights, alarms, and sensors so you can add a trapdoor, elevator, gondola, moving staircase, and more! The plug-in modules are similar to Smart Lab’s best-selling Smart Circuits toy system, allowing young engineers to learn and experiment with basic circuitry through creative, fun, and hands-on activities that teach practical skills.