18th Century Embroidery Techniques  (T)

18th Century Embroidery Techniques (T)

Gail Marsh

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Discover the richness of historical embroidery 18th Century Embroidery Techniques. For the wealthy, the eighteenth century was a period of decadent splendour, and clothing was no exception – sumptuous fabrics were embellished with lavish, ornate embroidery. Gail Marsh, a costume and textiles curator and senior lecturer in fashion and textiles for many years, has delved into archives to research the techniques and tools that embroiderers of the day used to create such bewitching items of clothing. Her in-depth research is presented here in a highly readable and fascinating manner, with relevant quotations from ladies and gentlemen of the period, intricate drawings of costume pieces, annotated with the greatest detail and telling of the stitches, threads and techniques that were used, plus color photographs of the museum-held pieces.

This enthralling book is a must for any student studying embroidery, fashion and textiles, craft persons interested in historical embroidery techniques, creators of historical costumes for stage, collectors of textiles and costumes, plus any needlework enthusiast wanting to extend their knowledge.